Reloadable TopUp card and TopUp Gift Card

Available now, the Reloadable TopUp card (RTC) from Xtreme Business Concepts

The Reloadable TopUp Card (RTC)


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With the Reloadable TopUp Card (RTC) consumers will be able to visit any retailer to purchase and activate their RTC. You will be asked to add a phone number and PIN. Your Pin will keep your funds private and secure from any unauthorized use. The Pin will be needed to log on online at (, when making purchases, redemptions or transfers at any POS terminal.

After funds are deposited on the card , the cardholder can login online and use the RTC to purchase E-Vouches or Direct recharge/TopUp. Parents, friends and family members may also use their RTC to share their credits with each other or TopUp each other’s phones from the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms when traveling. All you would need is internet access and you will have your very own TopUp machine, (It is like being your own retailer). The consumer may also, (if permitted by the retailer) redeem credits from their card to pay for drinks or snacks at any of our retailers using the Redeem functions. If there is sufficient funds on the card to complete the requested transaction, it will be like using a debit card.


  • You are traveling and you know you will need credit while on your trip, but you do not want to add all the credit to your phone at the same time. You can load all the credit on your RTC, and then at your own convenience, you can load credit it on your phone as needed.

The Reloadable TopUp Cards are available at:

  • The Mail Box, Simpson bay

  • UTS Store (in Philipsburg)

  • UTS Store (in Cole Bay)

  • Dutch Delight (Princess Juliana Intl Airport)

  • Tech Hub (Le Grand Mache (Bush road at the Roundabout)

Depositing funds to you Private Virtual Terminal (PVT) , Reloadable TopUp Card (RTC) or your TopUp Gift Card (TGC) can be done at all Xtreme machines on the islands of St Maarten , Saba and St Eustatius. If you live in the USA, you can buy a United States Post Office (USPS) money order payable to Xtreme Business Concepts Inc (XBC Inc) and write your card number and CVC# or your PVT account number on the back of your money order. If you do not have a RTC and would like to received a new RTC. Please send your request along with your return address , Chippie phone number, your desired pin number on a separate sheet of paper enclose with your money order of at least $20.00 (with a note) “Please send me a new RTC card” The cost of the card is $1.00 (a onetime fee) your return postage will be free in the continental (main land) United states of America .

Mail money orders to:

Xtreme Business Concepts Inc
Att: TopUp Cards
PO Box 783563
Winter Garden, FL 34778


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