Personal Virtual Terminal

The Personal Virtual Terminal (PVT) is for people, who need to Recharge  multiple phones on a regular basis.

How does it work?

It is simple. You buy any amount of credit by postal money order or bank transfer. This credit amount will be available to you on your PVT website. With this credit you can Recharge  any phone you want, with any amount you want.

Lets say you bought for 40 dollars of credit. You will now be able to Recharge  Johns phone with 5 dollars, Mary's Phone with 20 dollars today. And tomorrow you want to Recharge  Chris phone with 15 dollars. When your account reach zero, you need to buy additional credit so that you can Recharge  additional phones. Your credit is automatically added to your account after you made the payment with your credit card or paypal account.



The PVT allows you to store numbers with a name and a default Recharge  value. This makes it easier and faster to TopUp phone numbers, by simply clicking a Recharge  Button next to the name of the person, you want to send credit to.

Phone verification.

We offer the possiblity to verify that you entered the right number. We will send a SMS code to the phone number you entered, which you will enter on the website to verify that the number is correct.

Order History

Overview of all your credit purchase with your credit card or paypal account

Recharge  Transaction Reporting

At any time you can create reports of the Recharge  transactions you have made, gives you full overview of your Recharge  transactions.


You can print out receipt for each transaction any time you need it.

If you would like to get your own PVT, please contact us




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